My French Lunch Break

While studying abroad in Cannes I grew to appreciate the importance the French place on their "dejeuner" (lunch). French lunch breaks are commonly 2 hours in order to give people time to truly relax from work, cook and enjoy their most extravagant meal of the day. This blog is dedicated to the idea of taking some extra time in the middle of each day to truly appreciate the gifts of food, nature, friendship, family, art and health.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Vegan Variety

I had a lunch break today that would make anyone from France proud and felt it was worth sharing. My boss took me to this great mall called The Camp in Costa Mesa, which can only be described as fantastic. The ambience begins the minute you pull into the parking space labeled "simplify" instead of "33" or "14." From there, you are led towards the stores and restuarants with vintage signage remniscent of a camp gound or ranch that has seen many generations of campers come and go. The stores all match the earthy, warm atmosphere and include plant shops, artisan boutiques, a yoga studio, and (my new personal favorite) Native Foods. Native Foods, located in a yurt with tables surrounding the inside and outside curves, has a well-stocked menu of any vegan dish you could ask for. I indulged in the Rockin' Moroccan bowl and was blown away by the flavorful "Native Chicken" and variety of veggies. My boss and I sat outside in the sun and soaked in the peaceful atmosphere of The Camp, and I wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of the afternoon napping in the hammock just outside the restaurant under the trees. I returned to the office feeling calmed and ready to take on the rest of the day with a much more positive attitude. That is the beauty of a great french lunch break!